How does the mind discover useful abstractions?

Abstraction enables humans to distill a cascade of sensory experiences into a useful format for making sense of the world and generalizing to new contexts. However, because abstraction manifests in human cognition in so many ways, individual research communities have often studied specific forms of abstraction under domain-specific assumptions. At CogSci 2023, we bring together perspectives that cut across these boundaries.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss unifying principles governing how humans learn, discover, and use abstractions in different domains.

We will be using a "flipped" workshop format:

  • Before CogSci (Virtual). Join us for 4 virtual seminars discussing the role of abstraction in Causality, Perception/Action, Language, and Memory.
  • At CogSci (Sydney, Australia) on July. Join us for a live panel and in-person discussion in Sydney.

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The recordings from our Zoom seminars are available here.

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